Security Recommendations

CoinFxOcean understands that security is a very important issue for making a successful career in online investment business. So, our investment team makes all possible to ensure our investors that we take the best security measures against all possible risks and threats in online investing.

We keep all the personal information, financial data, and transaction history of our investors safe and secure, using the unique and strong data encryption. We make our best to provide our clients with safe secure and breech free investment environment. Our trading team is very experienced and dedicated in the investing business and it strives hard to protect your accounts from any attacks and breeches. Our protection measures have been tested by experienced and trained professionals.

However. To ensure the best security, you, from your site, should also take certain security measures. They are the following:

Do not reveal your account password to any third parties or anyone who can access to your personal account and make transactions without your wish.

Please, create a complex password, combining symbols, letters and numbers. Make sure that your password is not less than 6 characters. Otherwise, your password can be stolen by hackers. They use special techniques to stole your passwords and transfer all your funds to their own account. You can lose all your money.

Please create a unique password and do not use it in the other sites, i.e., your email account, social networks, etc. For each account keep separate passwords.

Do not transfer you password via e-mail, telephone and in the Internet. Do not save your password on your computer. Change your password regularly.

You can receive e-mails where you are asked your personal information. These are fraudulent e-mails. We recommend you to ignore such e-mails or any links they carry and not to answer them.

If you get an email with a certain form to fill out, ignore it and do not reply.

Please use your personal computer to enter your CoinFxOcean account. Do not use shared or public computers.

Please install the best anti-virus software onto your computer, update and scan it periodically, to keep your computer free of viruses. You can also use firewall protection to protect your computer from malicious traffic. Please also update your computer operating system regularly.

If you notice that someone has unauthorized access to your CoinFxOcean account, please contact our Customer Support immediately.