Our Strategy

Sound investment strategy initially depends on successful asset allocation. CoinFxOcean is a private online investment company that pursues and implements effective trading strategies. Corporate management strategically focuses on the following issues while investing and trading: preservation of finances, risk spreading, regular investing, ensuring a balanced portfolio, and investing with the consideration of investor�s financial and long-term strategic goals.

The trading strategy of CoinFxOcean consists in investor�s primary assessment of investment affordability in the particular stock. The investor should focus on the investments and trade operations. The long-term organization and financial goals of the investor should be considered prior to making the strategic investment decisions. It is critically important to properly allocate assets and follow sound trading strategy. The trading strategy applied by CoinFxOcean ensures sound returns and effective trade opportunities, as well as investing and growth perspectives.

Alternatively, CoinFxOcean applies a common stock trading strategy called �candlestick analyses. It has been tested and tried as a rather effective investment methodology. The candlestick pattern can potentially make appropriate trade highly to benefit online traders. The candlestick analysis strategy enables the online trader to utilize stock trading methods to reap stable profits. Proper application of candlestick charts will substantially enhance the analytical capacity of the traders.

Day traders and swing traders can benefit from applying breakout trading techniques. The breakout strategy enables traders to effectively purchase stocks when the price gets beyond the trading limit. Alternatively, pullback trading strategy enables traders to purchase once the price gets higher after the initial pullback. In turn, scalping involves buying and selling stocks shortly afterwards.

The following diagram shows the ratio which our traders use to keep profit stable day by day:


It should be noticed that due to instability on market we reserve the right to change the proportion.

CoinFxOcean effectively assists its clients in learning more about utilization of the candlesticks signals in a proper manner. The acquired knowledge will improve traders� trading techniques.

CoinFxOcean offers its clients various strategies you can choose from. Our expert team of professionals will help you determine the strategy that will work wonders to the particular client considering his capacities, trading potential, and investment opportunities. Regardless of the particular trading strategy you chose, we will ensure you will make high profits. CoinFxOcean effectively applies the most advanced strategies ensuring the maximum profitability for the investors.